If you want to experience a hike in Nepal but do not have time to trek like me, then I recommend making the trek to Sarangkot from Pokhara itself. This grueling hike will give you a taste of what trekking is like while rewarding you with an amazing vista when it is all complete.

Hiking to Sarangkot 21

There are many ways to reach Sarangkot but the most popular is the South Trail, which starts at the lake and heads up 2000 feet in about 2.5 miles.

Hiking to Sarangkot 3

The trail is beautiful, pretty much the entire way, but it is not easy-going up or coming down. It is also a little difficult to find, but if you try to follow the well-worn trail you should be ok.

Hiking to Sarangkot 14

I mean, we got lost a few times on the way and ended up walking through a couple of corn fields before the farmer very graciously helped us back onto our path. There are many ways up the mountain, but this path is almost always stone stairs, so if you do not see those then you are probably not on the right path.

Hiking to Sarangkot 20

The path starts in a dry creekbed and makes its way up the hillside through increasingly stunning forest and rice fields.

Hiking to Sarangkot 24

When the trees give way to a clearing make sure to look behind you as you will see amazing vistas of the city and the Peace Pagoda below.

Hiking to Sarangkot 5

Along the way we also met a dog that ran up and barked at us, but then proceeded to be our travel partner for most of the way. We affectionate called him “curry ” and he did help us find a path a few times.

Hiking to Sarangkot 6

Here are few pictures from the hike and even though it is hard I cannot recommend it more as it gives you a picture of the countryside of Nepal.

Hiking to Sarangkot 15

Hiking to Sarangkot 11

Hiking to Sarangkot 4

Hiking to Sarangkot 10

Hiking to Sarangkot 17

Hiking to Sarangkot 13

Here is a picture from the view at the top as well which lets you see where you started below.

Hiking to Sarangkot 19

From the other side you can see the Annapurna Range. It is stunning, especially for sunrise or sunset and there is a little cafe there where you can get a much deserved water or tea if you feel so inclined.

Sarangkot 18

As my only trekking in Nepal I was thankful to be able to have this experience and it make me realize that I have to come back again sometime to do some actual hiking in this beautiful country.