Great American Road Trips

Road tripping is one of the best ways to explore new locations on a budget. I love road trips, and I have been doing them all my life, so when I started getting into travel blogging and YouTube, I gravitated towards doing road trip videos. For the past five years, I have been driving around the country, often with my dad, exploring new highways and roads. From the classic Route 66 to the Loneliest Highway in the USA, you can find many great road trips below. Click on the post to learn more about them or watch the full video I made on each of these amazing road trips. They are broken up by state and there are a few road trips that are in Canada as well. Let me know if you have one you would like to see me cover in the comments.

Alaska Road Trips

Alaska is one of my favorite states to drive through. The amount of beauty on display in Alaska is unparalleled. While there are not a lot of roads in the state, we have driven most of them. Here are some of the best.

9 Day Alaska Road Trip

Alaska Highway

Top of the World Highway

California Road Trips

California is also an amazing state for road trips. It is right up there with Alaska, especially in the amazing coastal views that you get while driving the western portion of the state.

Pacific Coast Highway

Highway 395

Continental Road Trips (multiple states)

These road trips are ones that cross multiple states and often traverse across the USA. Here are the ones we have done.

Route 66

Blue Ridge Parkway

Florida Road Trips

We spent almost a week exploring Florida and while we only stayed in the southern part of the state, we loved the beauty you could find in the Florida Keys, Everglades and Miami. Here are the road trips we did.

Key West Road Trip

Full Florida Road Trip

Hawaii Road Trips

One of the best, short road trips in the United States is the Road to Hana on Maui. The amount of beauty you see in the two hour drive is second to none. Here is my full video and you can find tips to make the most of your trip here.

Road to Hana

Nevada Road Trips

Nevada is a remote state (outside of Las Vegas) and it has a few fun desert road trips that you can do if you are into that type of adventure. Here are the two that we did.

Loneliest Highway in the USA

Extraterrestrial Highway

New England Road Trips

The New England Fall road trip is one that is on many peoples bucket list. It was on both my dad and my bucket list and we finally got a chance to do it in 2022. Here is the video of that trip.

Fall Colors Road Trip

Texas Road Trips

Texas is one of the biggest states in the USA and has countless road trip opportunities to visit national parks, the coast and some awesome big cities. Plus, you can get some great BBQ while driving around!

Two Week Texas Road Trip

West Texas and New Mexico

Utah Road Trips

Lastly, Utah is a special place for us, with some of the best outdoor adventures, national parks and stunning vistas in the country. Here is the road trip we did through the state.

Utah National Park Trip

What is your favorite road trip you have done? Let us know what we should check out in the comments.