In the upper part of Arizona, just outside of Grand Canyon National Park, sits an Indian Reservation that houses some of the best waterfalls the world has to offer. They are only accessed by an 8 mile hike down from the canyon walls into the small reservation (the last place in the United States that still sends mail via horse) and you must have a permit to make the hike. There are a series of four waterfalls on this trail and the first that you will get to is arguably my favorite, New Navajo Falls. It has two distinct sections, Upper and Lower Navajo Falls.

Upper Navajo Falls

new navajo falls 7

When walking the main trail to the campground you will want to watch for a spur about 1.5 miles from the town. This is the spur that leads to upper New Navajo Falls and since it is easy to miss it is often less crowded than the other falls.

This waterfall looked a lot different before a flood came through the canyon and made it into what it is now only a decade ago.It is now is a 150 foot wide majestic falls that cascades over jutting rocks and fills pools of all sizes at its base. To this day it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. You can swim in its water, head under some parts of the falls to find little caves, and just bask in the beauty that it creates for days without getting tired of it. The blue-green water that flows from it is a marvel in and of itself.

new navajo falls 5

Lower Navajo Falls

new navajo falls 3

About a fourth of a mile down from New Navajo falls is lower Navajo Falls. While not as striking at its brethren, this waterfall houses a secretive back area that you can swim up to and climb into. It is a perfect place to watch the crazies cliff jump from above, as this is a popular cliff-jumping spot, or to just find some peace and serenity while indulging in the sound of the water as it careens into the pools below.

You can see how far the two falls are from each other in the picture below. Be sure that if you make the trek in that you get a campsite or a room at the lodge as you want to make sure you have time to see these falls plus the other three.

This place must be seen to be believed and is one of my favorite places in the United States. Check out the other waterfalls here and make sure to leave a comment.