TBEX Introduction

Thanks so much for scanning our code! Here is a short introduction video and you can find some of our favorite content we created below.

City Lists

These videos showcase the cities we visit with a focus on selecting unique attractions, outdoor adventures and food that people can explore. We have made eight of these city videos and they have gained over a million total views.

Road Trip Videos

Road trip videos are the other type of video we love making. Here is an example of our recent trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park which shows what we did over two days and has over 100,000 views.

California Content

We also run CaliforniaThroughMyLens.com as well, which is a top 25 travel blog with over 400,000 monthly views. California Through My Lens also has a YouTube channel with over 85,000 subscribers. Here is an example video from that channel as well.

Social Stats

Through My Lens

  • Instagram: 13k
  • YouTube: 15k
  • Facebook: 450
  • Twitter: 2.3k
  • Total Followers: 30.8k

California Through My Lens

  • Instagram: 34k
  • YouTube: 85k
  • Facebook: 19k
  • Twitter: 7k
  • Total: 146k

Connect With Us

We would love to connect with you to create some exciting content at your destination as well. If you are interested, email us at [email protected]. Thanks for stopping by!