It’s often easy to forget how close a place like Tijuana, Mexico is to our easy California life. I find myself falling in this trap all of the time and it keeps me from thinking about all of the people struggling to get by only hours from my house. Sure there are needs in America but there are also a lot of options that people in other countries don’t have. That is why, when I got the chance to visit and build a house I jumped at the opportunity and headed down to Mexico with my wife and a group from Sandals Church. Three hours later we were at Caravan Ministries, had grabbed some tacos and we’re getting ready to sleep for our busy day of building.

 Mexico Caravan Trip-2


  • $850 to build a house 
  • $20 a day to stay
  • Website

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The crew at Caravan are great and all have a great desire to see people loved.  They were welcoming and patient as we got accustomed to the area and during the build process.  After a quick breakfast we set out to our build site. It was located up on a hill with an amazing view but with that view comes a long walk to the market for the woman who the house was for.

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We were matched with a single mom who had two boys and had been waiting for this for over 8 months. The criteria is that they must pour the foundation themselves so it can often be a while for people to save up the money to do that. This also allows the people to have a certain investment in the house as well though. 

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My team of 12 spent about 8 hours building and painting the entire house. It was an amazing experience, one that had a lot of top moments. The women we built the house for even made lunch for us, which was a traditional ceviche, I could not stop eating it.

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After finishing we were able to turn the house over completed and it was an amazing feeling for those of us who made it and the woman who received it. I was blessed to be able to have this opportunity and to be able to create a lasting structure for someone in need. Our team of 60 people built 5 houses in one day and if  you have any desire be sure to check out Mexico Caravan Ministries and see how you can connect with a great Christian organization.